Harley Gets a Lot of Love…. New Wheels & Tires

Good News:  Wide Glides gonna get new shoes!

Bad News: Won’t see ’em until well after Bike Week.

Why?  Because we wanted to…  That’s the only good answer.

Sure, there are actually some practical reasons for moving to new wheels and tires, but why bother belaboring the pros and cons, when the biggest con is a big old stinking hole in your wallet that the pros — from a practical standpoint — will never fill.  So, that’s the end of that part of the discussion!  Consider the economy stimulated once again.

As you can tell from the string of blog entries leading up to this one, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our Harley, other Harley’s, how much we’ve got sunk into our Harley and what  we’d gain from getting different or additional Harley.  Well, the one constant through it all has been that we REALLY like our Harley!

Well, OK. We like the configuration of our Harley — an homage to choppers on the mild side instead of the wild side — and the ‘convertible’ nature that lets it go from being a single seat bar hopper to a two-up day-tripper / light touring bike.   It’s right in the sweet spot of the H-D line, as the Road King just isn’t me for all-around riding (too big & too heavy) and I’m not ready to put a big fairing in my face for anything other than long freeway trips… and we’re not there yet either.

So, what does this have to do with the desire to put new wheels on the bike?  Well, in addition to not being tubeless (forget about a road-side repair of a puncture), the spokes have already shown a propensity for developing surface rust after our trips to the Gulf coast.  But, more to the point, the stock spoked wheels with their black rims just lost their appeal to both me and Debbie early on.  At first we both liked the old-school look of a spoked wheel, but the mix of black and chrome parts on the newer Wide Glides almost forces buyers to go in one of two different directions: more black and more sinister or bring on the bling.  We’ve decided to shoot for somewhere more towards the bling side and the wheels seemed like a good place to make a bit of a statement with the bike, so that’s where we are.

We looked a lot of wheels and a lot of different retailers, but ultimately decided to go with a set of Performance Machine forged “Domino” wheels in bright chrome through the folks at HogPro out on the West Coast.  It will also get the matching rotors and rear pulley to complete the hardware package and a set of Metzler ME 880’s.

While no one would be able to get us a set of the Domino wheels in time for Bike Week in Panama City Beach on Oct 11-14, HogPro hit the other marks and I had a good time talking with Drew as we worked on the details.  Size wise, I opted to stay on the conservative side  by sticking with a 180mm wide tire while going with a taller 18″ rim.  Overall, the wider and taller rim should provide me with a rear wheel & tire combo that looks “right”: not too fat or too thick, but not too skinny either while preserving the handling for the mountains. The front is going to get a direct replacement wheel size but with a slightly larger tire.

Here’s a representative comparison of a stock Wide Glide with a Wide Glide sporting the 21″ front & 18″ rear Performance Machine Domino wheels.

Now we wait….


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