The Harley Gets A $5 Make-Over… bye-bye Silver Pinstripe

I’ve never liked the silver pinstripes on the tank & rear fender of our ’11 FXDWG; just kinda lame and not carried through to the front fender which struck me as odd.  But, the alternative was red or orange with flames and that wasn’t happening.

Since H-D went to the trouble of applying the pin stripe to the color coat and then clearing the tins, buffing the stripe off was not an option. So, I was considering either a repaint or doing a tin-swap via Colormania, but really didn’t want to drop big coin since all I really wanted was an all-black bike; pretty simple.

This weekend I finally decided to see if I could hide the silver stripes by simply applying a gloss black pinstripe directly over the silver pinstripe. I was actually pretty surprised that it looked as good as it does. Yes, you can see there’s a black pinstripe on a black tank and fender, but it still looks better than a silver pinstripe.







I may ask one of the painters who show up at Panama City during Bike Week what they thought about laying down a black pinstripe on top of the silver one for a more permanent solution that eliminates the wax-catching edge of the pinstripe tape.

Bottom Line: The all-black tins look MUCH better to me vs. that silver pinstripe. Don’t know why I didn’t do this the day after I brought the bike home!



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