… And The Valve Adjustment

As mentioned in Thursday’s blog entry on the Throttle Body Synchronization, the BMW was also due for a valve adjustment.  I went with the partly-sunny Saturday afternoon instead of waiting for a rainy morning and knocked out the valve adjustment in about about an hour.

One of the really nice things about the BMW’s with Boxer motors (i.e, opposed twin cylinders where the cylinder heads stick out on both sides of the bike) is that valve adjustments are really easy to do.  On my 4 cylinder in-line Hondas motorcycles you just about had to disassemble the top end of the bike just to get to the valve covers.  On the BMW, you pop off whatever’s covering your spark plugs, remove four bolts on each head, and there you go!

Next, you pop the alternator belt cover off (4 screws), attach a wrench to the main crank bolt so you can rotate the engine timing to “top dead center”, and then stick in your 2 intake and 2 exhaust feeler gauges to make the adjustments.  It can be (and was) a bit tedious getting all four adjusted since every adjustment made to one valve affects the other three.  But, it’s nice to do you own wrenching so it’s all good.

Today the carbon cylinder covers and rear tire “hugger” all received a little cosmetic attention to give them back their luster, as the previous clear coats were looking cloudy.  The bike even got a little love in the form of a wash.  I still need to order those little white square decals for the rear seat cowl and apparently the gas tank cowl as well.   I’ve also got to figure out what to do with the carbon turn signal housings as they’re really looking tired and either need a refinish or replacement.


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