Throttle Body Sync: That Was Easy…

As the mileage creeps ever closer to the next service interval I could sense my BMW R1100S’ two throttle bodies were starting to drift out of synchronization.  It was getting hard to see out of my mirrors when sitting at idle and it simply didn’t accelerate smoothly.  It’s also about due for a valve adjustment, along with fresh oil and the like.

Since I had a spare 10 minutes this evening, I pulled out my trusty Carbtune Pro manometer and hooked it up to the Beemer. Sure enough; the throttle bodies were a bit out of limits.  With a slight twist of the brass air adjuster screws the bike is now idling nice and smoothly again.  Never was there such an easy yet satisfying maintenance task to perform.

The Carbtune Pro Manometer tells the story on throttle body sync as soon as the bike fires up. What could be easier?

Idecided to save the valve adjustment for a nice rainy weekend morning which, given our recent weather patterns, may not be too far off in the future.

The Beemer also needs a little cosmetic attention.  I’ve been remiss in not using my cover while it sits outside in the sun and weather all day, every weekday of the year at work.  The little square, white decals on the rear seat cowl are starting to lift and need to be removed and replaced. The carbon hugger and valve head covers need to be refinished and re-shot with clear-coat to give them back their luster.  The carbon signal pods are also showing the signs of a hard life of being ridden in the rain as some of the clear coat is lifting and chipping off along the leading edges. Those suckers could be a bugger to refinish, so they may end up getting replaced.

I really enjoy the heck out of this bike, as it’s one of the most nimble “big bikes” (1100cc @ 560 lb) I’ve owned, albeit a bit anemic when it comes to horsepower and torque.  I think it may be on par with the 1,570cc, 610 lb Harley Wide Glide sitting next to it in the garage.   Of late I’ve been thinking about selling the BMW and a few of the bicycles and tandems that don’t get used all that much and using the proceeds to pick up a Harley touring bike for my daily commute.  While that would be a lot of bike for commuting, we could also use it for longer road trips… something we would never do on the BMW.  

Debbie really likes the Harley’s and that cruising position on the pillion.  The lean forward position of the “sport bike” and the straight-up position of our old BMW R1150RT sport touring bike just never did it for her even on short trips.  We’ll see.  Again, that blue & white R1100S provides some great therapy going to and from work that the old silver BMW R1150RT didn’t and I’m afraid even a Harley touring bike might not give me the head-clearing ride that I get on a sport bike.  Chances are, I won’t do anything if only because I really don’t like the selling process.

Our ’03 BMW R1100S on the left and our fomer ’04 BMW R1150RT on the right.


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