Great Day: 42 miles on the tandem followed by 100 miles on the Harley…

Coming on the heels of a good day on the Harley this past Friday and a good day on the tandem bike Saturday that I captured on my two different blogs, today we were able to enjoy a 42-mile tandem ride and a wonderful post-ride brunch with 17 other friends. We followed that up with a 100-mile ride on the Harley with just my sweetie.

The tandem bicycle ride started in the master planned community of Serenbe down on the Southwest side of Atlanta. It was about a 60-mile / 1-hour drive from our home up on the Northwest side of town.  Serenbe struck us as an interesting place; something of a land-locked homage to the Seaside community west of Panama City Beach, Florida where they filmed the Truman Show many years ago.  A neat little enclave, but not really near anything other than some great rural roads that make for wonderful bicycle and motorcycle riding.

The ride itself was really great, with 8 tandem teams and one triplet (aka, a 3-seat tandem bicycle) on hand.  Temps were in the 80’s, but so was the humidity.  Thankfully, much of the ride was on tree-covered two-lane roads so it really was rather sublime.  We rolled-out of Serenby around 8:45am and rolled back in around 11:30am then followed-up the ride with a lovely brunch at “The Hil” restaurant in Serenby.  Debbie and I split a delicious chicken salad melt topped with a fried egg and a side salad of green lettuce.


Photos by Team Bireley: Top – Riding out past homes in Serenby; Lower Left – a rare stretch of straight, relatively level and unshaded roadway out in Chatahoochee Hills area; Lower Right – The Hil Resturant in downtown Serenbe.

We left Serenby right after brunch at 1:15pm and arrive back at home at 2:30pm.  We had already decided if the weather looked like it would cooperate we’d spend the afternoon enjoying a ride on some rural roads out in Cobb, Bartow, Gilmer  and Cherokee Counties on our Harley Wide Glide. Thankfully, the weather looked really good, so after a quick change of clothes we were off…

We headed North through Kennesaw towards Bells Ferry Road and the Lake Allatoona area near Canton, then Northwest on GA20 for a few miles while searching for White Road; a lovely tree covered road that would take us out to — you guessed it — White Georgia.  The road changed name to Swamp Creek Road and took us out to GA Route 411. This was the same road we’d explored last Sunday, but going the opposite way and this time enjoying all of it.

We took GA Route 411 north to Salacoa Rd, just over the Bartow County Line in Gilmer. Salacoa Rd offers about 10-miles of wonderfully twistie and hilly roads on lightly traveled country roads, so it’s always a treat to ride.  We did come upon a couple of weekend sport bike warriors who had apparently violated the laws of physics and ended up in a ditch. Thankfully, the EMS folks had been on hand a few minutes so we were able to motor on by instead of having to stop and render aid & assistance.

We popped back out of the back country in the city of Canton and made our way a few more miles to The Little River Grill around 5:00pm where we relaxed a bit while sipping some cool drinks.


We followed that up with a stop at Olde Towne Grille & Tavern around 6:oopm where we split some hot wings, salad and fries for dinner before heading to the house.

I had to cut the lawn when I returned home, but aside from that… just another awesome day.  Really enjoyed the new Daytona carbon polo helmet; fits great, lightweight and Debbie says it looks pretty nice to boot.


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