Nice Day on the Harley….

Despite getting off to a slow start today, I was able to carve out about five hours for some quality time together with my sweetie built around a nice ride on the Harley.  It was probably as nice of a day as you can have with temps in the 90’s as the humidity wasn’t all that bad and there was a wonderful breeze blowing with mostly clear skies.

Gotta get her into a “better” helmet for the summer; that Shoei just ain’t right.

We headed out around 2:00pm and took some nice quiet two-lane, twisty, hilly back roads over to Cartersville, Georgia and stopped in to see what might be new or interesting at the Cartersville Harley-Davidson dealership.  I’m in the market for a new 1/2 helmet — an HCI 105 — but have had a heck of a time finding anyone who has them in stock; no luck at CHD either.  We were also looking to score a leather hair glove for Debbie and no luck there either: out of stock. So, after grabbing a Dew, we checked out the rolling stock.  While the FLHR Road Glide continues to catch my interest, just can’t see that it would be all that much “better” than our personalized FXDWG Wide Glide, which fits us and our riding style “like a glove”.

We headed north toward White, Georgia and then east on Stamp Creek Rd. for some nice two-lane, rural riding. Unfortunately, I zigged when I should have zagged and took us south on a piece of Bells Ferry Road to GA20 which robbed us of a good five miles of quiet two-lane. But, GA20 isn’t all that bad, just a bit faster, not as twisty and a bit less scenic.  On the bright side, it will give us a reason to head back up that way in the not too distant future so we can enjoy the entire length of Stamp Creed Rd.

Once we were in Canton we jumped over to Marietta Highway and got ourselves on Bells Ferry Road headed southwest towards one of our favorite stops: Little River Sports Bar & Grill.  We made our way to the lower deck so we could enjoy the live music coming from the downstairs bar while getting a great view of the lake, the wonderful breeze coming off of the lake, and the sunlight being filtered through all of the trees while enjoying a couple of cold beverages.


It was about 4:40 by the time we left LRG and I decided that after treating Debbie to a complete wardrobe overhaul at Horsetown it was time for me to do a minor upgrade on my modest boot collection.  More specifically, what I went in search of was a pair of Black Jack, all-black full quill ostrich & goat hide boots.  These would take the place of my black, smooth leather Nacona western boots which I’d take to work so I could retire the black Ariat western boots I change into when I get to work. The Ariat boots never really fit all that well and just don’t have the right look for our business casual dress code, so I’m long overdue in replacing them.  Horsetown came through and had the boots I was looking for and after going back-and-forth on sizing, bought the smaller pair and stuffed them into the Harley’s saddlebags. Of course, Misty had some new things to show Debbie so she also came home with two new dresses: a nasty little black number with a sequined front placard and a gorgeous turquoise knit summer dress.

We hit the driveway around 7:00pm as the Harley’s ODO ticked-off the 100th mile of our little day trip.  While I hoped we’d get out on our tandem bicycle this morning, the great afternoon on the Harley more than made up for the missed pedal bike ride.  We’ve got two days of tandem cycling in front of us next weekend, but I’m thinking it may be time for a full-day adventure on the Harley the weekend of the 11th/12th.

It’s worth noting that Debbie earned her creds as a “real biker chic” today as she did the entire 100 miles without a backrest on the Wide Glide.  Although I really didn’t plan to not install the quick-release backrest when I switched the Harley over from single seat, stripped-down to two-up bagger configuration, that’s what happened.  She realized it as soon as she went to swing her leg over the bike and noticed it wasn’t in the way.  I asked her if she wanted me to do the quick change and install it and she said, “No; I’ll give this a try”. That was huge, as it’s been about 12 years since Debbie last rode on the back of a motorcycle without some type of backrest.  She was a little nervous at first, but quickly got the hang of “hanging on” a bit tighter when we were accelerating or climbing hills.  By the time we were finished with our ride it seemed like she actually liked riding without the “sissy bar” and backrest.  We’ll see if she asks for it next time we head off for a day trip where we don’t need the rear rack/trunk bag.


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