What a Weekend, Part II – Getting Out on the Harley’s

This is the second part of a two-part report on our weekend. You can find the first part HERE.

SUNDAY saw us both up early again as we worked to get some laundry and other chores taken care of before heading off for a day-long motorcycle ride with Deb & David. Our plans weren’t all that detailed from the previous night, so I also spent some time plotting a 100-mile ride loop that would give us a couple “stops” along the way.  We got in touch with David around 9:45 am and firmed up an 11:00 am rendezvous out in the Dallas / Acworth area and the ride was on.

What I mapped-out was what I called the “Little River Grill Loop”. The ride would take us out from West Cobb County to Cartersville via some scenic, rolling, rural roads that we’ve previously ridden our tandems and bicycles along. Thankfully, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Temps started out in the mid to upper 60’s and moved well into the upper 70’s with tons of sunshine.  The pollen wasn’t too bad, but the bugs were out in force: I was reminded of the scene from ‘Wild Hogs’ where Tim Allen & John Travolta took large bugs and a bird in the kisser a couple of times.  Looking at David & Deb’s windscreen I was given a more complete appreciation for just how many bugs likely met their demise against my helmet, glasses and face.

We went out through Harmony Grove, Dabbs Bridge Rd, and crossed Lead Mountain on our way past the Etowah Indian Mounds and into Cartersville. We headed North on US41 to SR411 and came to our first stop: Cartersville Harley-Davidson.  We were due for a bio-break, and the timing was perfect as the store had just opened around noon.  I had Debbie check out the Road Kings and sit on one to see if she was still as pumped up about moving to a bigger ‘touring’ class bike.  Yeah, she likes the Road Kings.  No test ride today, but the “fit check” was a good next step if we ever decided to make a move. After that Debbie and Deb hit the women’s clothing section for about the next hour while David & I looked at bikes and other hardware.  It was a good break, the free bottled water they always provided at our local Harley dealers was nice and cold and we had a lot more to do at the dealership than we would have had we gone to the gas station that’s normally used as a store stop US411.

The next stretch of road out through White & Rydal Georgia was a straight shot through rural farmland / light industrial, where the prize was Salacoa Rd, a long, sometimes tree-covered mountain road with lots of elevation changes and twisties that drops you down into valleys and farms.

We turned left onto Pleasant Arbor Rd. for a few extra miles of similar twisty and rolling roads before being dumped out onto Route 108 / Fincher Road and then onto Route 140 / Reinhart College Parkway, which would take us through Waleska  into Canton.  We took the Marietta Highway through Canton to Bells Ferry Road, which finally offered a bit more two-lane, 35 mph – 45 mph riding through tree-covered rolling hills.

Our lunch stop was the Little River Grill on Lake Allatoona, where we were looking forward to taking in some great views of the lake from their back deck.  It was around 2:00 pm when we arrived so there was thankfully plenty of out-door seating. The food was good, not great, but the view was spectacular and so was the company.  We had a very nice, leisurely time and my Debbie even ran into an old high school friend whom she sees every now and again: my, it’s a small world. They did a little catching up while David & I talked about our upcoming trip down to Panama City Beach and a myriad of other topics.  We never seem to be at a loss for things to talk and laugh about when we’re out with David & Deb; it’s always a great time.

After lunch I offered up a slight detour over to Horsetown, as there was a pair of boots that I wanted to get Debbie for her upcoming birthday. We’d seen them two weeks ago, but opted to “think about it” as we already had quite a lot of things to pack into the saddlebags from that trip.  Deb was all for it, as she wanted to look at boots and David always seems game for just about anything. So, off to Horsetown we went. Unfortunately, the boots we were thinking about for my Debbie had been sold.  However, our friend and store manager Misty did have a couple new outfits for Debbie to try-on and, as usual, they looked great. So, my Debbie didn’t go home empty-handed.  David’s Deb scored a nice pair of black Tony Lamas boots as well.  So, it was a worthwhile stop and it’s always nice to see Misty and the rest of the folks at Horsetown.

Our final destination was On the Border at Town Center, so that we could have one final chance to socialize before the weekend was over.  We’d thought about sitting out on the patio, but once we were inside where it was cool and also saw that Ashley was working the bar, we decided to stay inside.  There was just too much car exhaust and parking lot heat hovering on the patio to make that nearly as enjoyable as our time on the deck at the Little River Sports grill.  And that’s pretty much how we ended our day before going back to our respective homes.

Debbie and I thought about taking a short ride on the tandem bicycle once we were home and could see there was still plenty of daylight.  However, with a few chores still left to do, and after six hours in the sun and a 100-miles in the saddle, we both decided we’d pass on the bicycle ride.


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