Follow-Up: The Bumped Beemer Case Good to Go

As a follow-up to the little shunt that I had back on February 1st where the right side case on my BMW got knocked-off the bike by a car on a rain slick night, everything is just about back to status quo.

Multifunction Box

The “multifunction” box that I needed to replace was shipped out by Duncan Beemers in Maynard, MA, right after I ordered it on Feb 3rd and I had it in my hot little hands by Feb 6.

As mentioned in the original blog entry, I was able to epoxy the latches back onto the custom-painted lid, which was the key to keeping the cost of the repairs extremely low, which was pretty important to the young man who clipped me.  Had this been an insurance claim, my guess was about $550 for the multifunction box, a new lid, paint, decals and labor.  However, thanks to Duncan Beemer having a new multifunction box, less key core available for only $165 shipped vs. something closer to $250 for a new one + special rivets and taxes and $10 in epoxy, the total tab was only $175.

I finished-off the repairs today by replacing the four hinge rivets as they were knocked a loose. Instead of using rivets, I opted to use some stainless steel hardware so that any future need to replace the lid won’t require drilling out and replacing rivets.  The hardware’s not as high-security / tamper-proof as rivets, but I never park the bike with valuables in the side cases or in places. Moreover, as we’ve seen, it doesn’t take much to break these cases open, so “high security” is a bit of an overstatement at best.



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