The Lee Hartung Collection… The Ultimate Barn Find

Someone on one of the motorcycle forums I frequent posted up a link to a video collection that chronicles the “recovery” of what is one of the ultimate barn finds in American history: The Lee Hartung Collection.

No sense in me over paraphrasing. You can find the story here at the Wheels Through Time website:

As you’ll learn, Lee Hartung dealt in scrap metal, sold used cars and maintained a hauling business that enabled him to amass an amazing collection of American vehicles including unrestored examples of a 1912 Harley, 1910 Pope, numerous four-cylinder Hendersons and Indians, a 1910 Excelsior, 1902 Wagner, and even a 1913 Flying Merkel.  The collection — some 2,500 lots — was auctioned off back in November for nearly $4M.

You can find a total of eight (8) video’s similar to this one linked off of the Wheels Through Time page that I linked above. For anyone who appreciates barn finds and American motorcycle history, it’s worth your time to watch the videos when you have a 1/2 hour to spare.

The Auction Promo Video

Additional World of Wheels videos from the auction

Auction Day 1Auction Day 2Auction Day 3

You can find all of the auction results HERE, but these were the 10 highest money lots sold during the auction:

  1. 1911 Flying Merkel Twin Belt Drive – $201,250
  2. 1950 Veritas BMW – $195,500
  3. 1950 Edwards R-26 Roadster – $143,750
  4. 1912 Harley-Davidson Single-Cylinder Belt Drive – $115,000
  5. 1911 Pope Model H – $83,375
  6. 1909 Sears – $66,125
  7. 1938 Indian Four-Cylinder Rigid Frame – $64,400
  8. 1926 Henderson Deluxe Fire Department Motorcycle – $63,250
  9. 1915 Harley-Davidson Single-Cylinder Two-Speed – $57,500
  10. 1904 Fabrique-Nationale Four-Cylinder Shaft Drive – $55,200

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