Gerbings Opens Showroom at Stoneville, NC Facility

On 23 Nov 11, Gerbing’s Heated Clothing, Inc. opened a retail store at their new fabrication plant in Stoneville, North  Carolina. The retail store is located in building number five (5) in the former Stoneville Furniture Factory.  The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9am until 7pm.  On Saturdays until Christmas, they will be open from 9am until 2pm.  The store number is 336-573-1210 or 336-482-8484.

For those who didn’t know, Gerbing’s moved their heated clothing production back to the United States this year.  The announcement was made back in April, they started up operations in North Carolina this fall so now Gerbing’s will be offering quality garments made in the USA using 100% American made materials: how cool is that?

Jeff Gerbing announced that with production costs in China climbing, and control of production becoming more difficult, they would be moving production to Stoneville, North Carolina.  As noted in a 26 May ’11 article posted on PowerSports Business’ website:

There are three main reasons Gerbing says he’s pulling out his company out of China:

One, we need to support our own country and put Americans back to work. Two, I need to have control over my own product, which includes no minimum runs, no large inventory requirements and no long lead times, which are increasingly late to boot. Three, prices continue to rise in China and delivery times continue to get longer.”

Rising costs in China won’t be something businesses can ride out. William Fung, managing director of one of the world’s largest manufacturing outsourcing companies, told the Wall Street Journal that he estimates China’s wages to increase 80 percent throughout the next five years.

For Gerbing, it’s more than just the money, he says.

“It’s time for companies to step up and make our nation great,” he said. “Being the leader in heated clothing, we set the standards. That’s why we’re coming back to the U.S. We have a passion in our hearts to have our clothing made in America. We hope that by our example, other companies will follow suit and do what’s right for our country.”

We echo the sentiment of our local Gerbing’s dealer — BMW Ducati Husqvarna Motorcycles of Atlanta — who recently noted, “If you’ve been trying to buy a Gerbings heated jacket liner this year you’re probably aware that demand far exceeded supply. [snip] We were excited when we brought the Gerbing’s line on board and it just keeps getting better knowing they will be the only heated gear available that’s made in the Good-ol-USA.

I’ve been wearing Gerbing’s heated gear for over a decade… same jacket too!  Great stuff, if you don’t do a lot of riding in the rain.  If you do, the bullet connectors that connect the heat troller to the battery lead can be a little problematic, but are easily replaced with connectors that are a little better suited to cruddy weather, like the ones that come with Battery Tenders.


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3 Responses to Gerbings Opens Showroom at Stoneville, NC Facility

  1. Pua Rideum says:

    It’s about time industries are coming home. It only takes getting you ass kicked once to realize that OUR Country is the best. Stay home and deliver a good product. Vote in November and all will be good.
    My Gerbing jacket is ten years old and has many hours of both wet and dry days and it keeps on heating.

  2. howard rubin says:

    I purchased Gerbings motorcycle heated clothing for years and told people to buy because of the lifetime warranty. Just about every year something minor went bad so I returned it and gerbin repaired it. When I (recently?) called gerbings they said that they were bought out and they don’t have a lifetime warranty. I not only have gloves, I own a jacket, pants , vest and insoles gerbin wants between 25 to 40 dollar’s plus shipping before I have my gloves repaired. I’m looking into another company that has a lifetime warranty. I don’t see why with how expensive the products are that they don’t have a lifetime warranty. I will find another company that has a lifetime warranty and I’m going to mention this to the Concours owners group and American motorcycle Association in which I’m a member and all other association’s; I think they’ll be interested.

    • TG says:

      I’ll approve the note because it does point out that Gerbings was, in fact, acquired by a holding company back in 2012 and has changed their warranty policies so long-time Gerbing’s customers do need to be aware of the changes.

      I also noticed that someone named Darcy Sorenson posted a similar complaint on Gerbing’s Facebook page. However, what’s worthwhile to note is that Gerbing’s did not take down the entry to their wall and, instead, offered up the following reply which seems reasonable:

      Gerbings Heated Apparel:

      Darcy, I’m very sorry to hear about your frustrations with the new Gerbing warranty. It is our intention to continue producing the best wearable technology while providing unmatched customer service. If it were not for our customers we would not have abusiness. I would love to speak with you more on the warranty changes and hopefully offer a solution. Our legacy Gerbing’s customers are very important to us and we will do everything we can to accommodate you through this transition. I will send you a direct message with my personal phone number, please feel free to call anytime! -Brandon Moore | Customer Service Manager

      Here is Darcy’s original note:

      So, I’ve been a loyal Gerbing’s customer since around 2002. All the gear I’ve purchased has been accompanied by a Lifetime Guarantee on the heating elements. I’ve used this guarantee to get a heated jacket liner replaced a couple of years ago, no problem. I now have an issue with the heated liner that I received as a replacement. I contact Gerbing support today to get an RMA # to get the garment repaired/replaced only to be told that their warranty policy has changed and they no longer offer a lifetime warranty on products purchased under the name of “Gerbing’s.” They want me to send it in and get a repair estimate! How is it that a lifetime warranty issued with a product can be arbitrarily discontinued? I could understand it if they said that all products purchased after a certain date would not have a lifetime warranty, but to change the warranty policy for ALL products previously purchased is nothing short of a crime. Think about it, you purchase a car with a 7/70 (7yr/70k mi) warranty and after owning the car for 3 years you contact the manufacturer to get a warranty repair only to find out that they’ve changed their policy to 1 year. Too bad for you! I went and read the current warranty posted on their website. BEWARE; the warranty is now only 1 year. I think its time to find another manufacturer of heated gear.

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